About Us


Our Mission
“To be innovative in the application of our unique spatial and measurement technology to digitise your physical environment/equipment, with the aim to always reduce your risk.”

Our Promise
“Apply our engineering knowledge and resources on every project in order to supply you with the most comprehensive and reliable 3D information safely, on time, every time.”


Extreme Accuracy – Our Machinery

Laser Scanning Australia have a range of site measurement machines which are all based around the use of a laser to measure either a component or an entire site and generate an X Y Z ‘point cloud’ of the target.
Using our laser scanning machines in parallel with our other measurement machines, allows us to hold tolerances of 15 micron across distances of +200m.


High Definition, Advanced Scanning

3D laser scanning and advanced scanning technologies allow for better documentation of as-built and existing conditions, which especially benefits the BIM and Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) market.
Laser Scanning Australia HDS solutions allow our Engineering, Architecture, Developer and Project Manager, and maintenance clients, to see a site with spatially accurate data. It allows for co-ordination with engineering construction and drafting personnel which greatly reduces risk associated with any project.

3D laser scanning offers an excellent means of documenting and capturing existing conditions of current buildings as well as as-built recording of new structures, which is critical in reducing
ongoing maintenance and future brown-field development costs.

Laser Scanning Australia are best positioned to support heavy fabrication, installations, architectural development, brown-field development/expansion, BIM, Mining, HVAC and Heritage projects, to ensure
accurate site measurement and reliable scan data is undertaken.