3D Scanning Services

Laser Scanning Australia have a vast array of site measurement solutions which are all based on the use of a laser to measure either a component or an entire site and generate accurate, CAD Models, Inspection Reports, Asset Managment databases and Wear analysis.

Using our laser scanning service we integrate our various machines for projects to ensure the best and most accurate solution is presented to our clients our large range measurement equipment and software, allows us to hold tolerances of 15 microns across distances of +200m, combine data from many sources to give a clearer picture and ensure the final delivery of data is easy to use within the clients existing IT infrastructure.

Laser Scanning Australia recognises that in some instances clients are unsure how the technology works and what the extent of its application can be. We encourage you to call anytime so we can provide answers and practical solutions to many previously complicated engineering tasks.

Lsa regularly UTILIsE this equipment with:

  • Rotating Plant alignment/calibration
  • Wear Analysis
  • 3rd Party Inspection Reporting
  • HME Condition Monitoring
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • First Article Inspection
  • Machine Set-out
  • Quantity Survey
  • Pipe Layout (generation of piping ISO)
  • Collision Detection (Construction, Manufacturing and  Architectural)
  • 3D Plant and Mine layout
  • Facade (heritage)
  • Forensic (motor vehicle accident insurance claims)
  • Medical (prosthetic)