Recent Project – Power Station uses 3D scanning on piping

3D Scanning improves results and minimises risk


Scanning is widely accepted in the oil and gas industry to capture the environment and spatial information of an area that has planned maintenance in the near future.

Scope of Project:

 Scanning of  4 condensate pipe outlets, DN1200 spools to be modelled in a 3D cad software and manufacturing drawings to be prepared.
Laser scan of Bund and other equipment supplied in Autodesk Navisworks to check for clashes with new equipment to be installed.


Using terrestrial scanning LSA attended a coal fired power station in WA to perform 3D scanning on a area that was requiring planned maintenance and installation of additional equipment. The scope area was fairly small and we were able to supply a dense full colour point cloud of the piping located inside two separate condensate units.

After completing all the site work LSA using in house technicians 3D cad modelled all the piping, flanges. After a client review LSA also modelled all the concrete and Steel members for the access way.

The benefits of scanning are reflected at every stage of a project, initially the piping was the focus for the measurement but by the time the final deliverables were supplied the project had required the 3D modelling of extra items that if using traditional site measurement may have been overlooked requiring a second site visit or not allowing those items to be included in the deliverables at all.

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pointcloud overlay with 3d models of existing piping

Overall Scope of Work