Terrestrial Scanning

Maximum data | minimum risk


3D laser scanning and advanced scanning technologies allow for better documentation of as-built and existing conditions, which especially benefits the BIM and Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) market.

Laser Scanning Australia HDS solutions allow our Engineering, Architecture, Developer and Project Manager, and maintenance clients, to see a site with spatially accurate data. It allows for co-ordination with engineering construction and drafting personnel which greatly reduces risk associated with any project.

3D laser scanning offers an excellent means of documenting and capturing existing conditions of current buildings as well as recording of new structures, which is critical in reducing ongoing maintenance and future brown-field development costs.

Scanning has the following benefits:

  • Mitigation of risk (all issues are identified in the office prior to mobilisation)
  • Minimising shutdown periods (up to 10% improvement)
  • Minimising offshore fabrication activities
  • Eliminates re-works and reduce cost of retrospective engineering
  • Reduction of installation man-hours (up to 25% improvement)
  • Maximising field productivity
  • Minimising field hot-work


Heat Exchangers
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“our HDS department is best positioned to support heavy fabrication, installations, architectural development, brown-field development/expansion, BIM, Mining, HVAC and Heritage projects.

Our mechanical and manufacturing specialists utilize these same machines to achieve wear analysis, deviation checks and many mechanical based inspections on sites worldwide”.


What we do with this technology

Scan To BIM
Industrial Plant
Large Fixed & Mobile Plant
Mine Sites
Power Generation

B109 ortho

equipment specs


  • Range: 130 Metres – 330 Metres (radius)
  • 360° Horizontal 300° Vertical
  • Full Colour
  • Accuracy: +/- 2mm
  • Class 1 laser system   (Intrinsically safe)

A small example of TERRESTRIAL scan data

The data that keeps on giving..

a solution for the entire plant LIFE-CYCLE 

Owner’s & Operators continue to benefit from 3D laser scanning off site and across they’re entire business, recognising the benefits as an integral part of their asset management strategy. Laser scan data and models derived from it form a key element of the strategy to manage a plant throughout its life cycle. The accurate, high-resolution, high-quality data forms an integral part of their asset management resources and downstream work process.

Laser scanning data enables the continuous management of asset and Building Information Management (BIM) data. It aids communication and collaboration between architects, engineers, constructors and owners.




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